about me

My name is Maria Judd and I started Lewes Outdoor Fitness just over two year's ago.
After finishing university, I trained as a teacher and worked as one in Further Education for many years. Ten years ago, I decided to throw all my balls up in the air and combine the elements of my life that I enjoyed most into my work - people, teaching, exercise and the great outdoors.

It was then that I retrained with the YMCA to become a personal trainer and I have worked in the fitness industry ever since. A move I have never regretted.

my exercise philosophy

I am a great believer in that it is important when fulfilling a task to understand the purpose of it. I like to extend this principle to my classes. I want people to understand exactly the what and why in every particular exercise – which muscle groups are being worked, what is happening to the heart rate and where people should be working to achieve good posture, form and technique. For this reason, my classes are small. I like to be able to focus on the individual as well as the group. This also helps people achieve personal aims and goals.

I do not exercise with my groups. It is not my workout. It is my job to ensure that all exercises are done correctly for maximum individual benefit and the reduction of risk of injury.

My approach to fitness is also very holistic. Fitness of mind is just as important as fitness of the body. Exercise (particularly outdoors) has been shown to reduce depression and be a fantastic stress alleviator. I want people to leave my classes not only worked out, but feeling good! I have a great bunch of people in my classes, so there are always laughs and fun as well as work and sweat!

my qualifications

Level 3 Personal Trainer Award (YMCA)
GP Referral to Exercise
Ante/Post Natal Exercise
Nutritional Advice
Circuit Training
Gym Instructor
Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals
Fully Insured