outdoor fitness

Lewes Outdoor Fitness classes have a maximum of 10 people taking part in each session and cater for all fitness levels, from the beginner to the seasoned athlete.

All exercises, both cardiovascular and resistance, have variants and adaptations depending on your level of fitness.

This is a boot camp with a difference!  I won't push people out of their comfort zone until I know they are ready and capable.  Or never, if they don't want to - but I can push hard if that's what you need! Its hard work, so you achieve results, but also great fun.

Classes are small so that I can ensure good exercise technique and posture.  I don't exercise with the class (except for demonstrative purposes) as it is not my workout.

why outdoors?

Exercise, particularly outdoors, has been shown to:

- Reduce stress and depression
- Improve cardiovascular fitness
- Improve muscular fitness
- Improve motor skills
- Help weight management
- Increase calorie burn

Do come and try - it's fun and sociable.  I would be disappointed if everyone didn't go home with a smile on their face!