Have a read about what some of my clients think about Lewes Outdoor Fitness and our exercise classes:

“Really good teachers like Maria are a rarity.  She strikes a perfect balance between gentle encouragement and bootcamp toughness - with good technical knowledge and attention to detail thrown in. Exercising outdoors in all weathers is fantastic – it keeps the blues at bay in the depths of winter. I can’t thank her enough!”  Kate W

“Over the past 20 years I’ve tried numerous fitness classes, but nothing comes close to the fun, satisfaction & reward I get from doing Maria’s class. I started going after my second child was born and I can honestly say that I am fitter and healthier now than I have probably ever been. Being outdoors makes it such a brilliant experience; your soul soars while your waist shrinks!! “ Susie B

“I really enjoy Maria’s exercise classes which are fun and effective. You never feel like you are being pushed to do more than you are capable of, but you certainly feel like you have worked out at the end of it. There is plenty of variety in both the exercises and locations so it is never boring. And exercising outside really is so much more invigorating than in a gym.” Catherine O’D

“I had started to exercise less and less before I started Maria’s classes. I had a young child, I was in my late 40s and I had started to give up on my body. But when I started exercising outdoors and was motivated and encouraged by Maria I very quickly gained self-confidence, stamina and the kind of energy and body I thought I’d never get back again.” Hanna E

“I have been attending Lewes Outdoor Fitness classes for a while now and can’t believe the difference it makes to my mind as well as my body!  The feeling I get after finishing my favorite workout on the top of the downs can’t be matched! Maria is a fantastic instructor who treats us as individuals - so it feels like personal training even in a larger class. She knows how to work us but still have a lot of fun. I never regret taking part!”  Rachel D

“Maria Judd is an amazing woman and an incredible personal trainer.  Through individual and group classes, she has helped me achieve a level of fitness I could have never imagined.  She has helped me: regain fitness following the birth of my children, target parts my body for more intensive training, and kept me in shape on an everyday basis.  Her one-on-one classes are highly motivating and goal-producing.  The group classes that she subsequently developed have been remarkable. Imagine working out in a space that is encouraging, unintimidating, and fun! 

While a typical exercise class is bound to produce grunts and groans, it is also guaranteed to produce laughter. She does work you hard, but in such a positive and affirming manner that you enjoy (and even look forward to) pushing yourself harder. Classes are varied, never boring, and flexible to suit all levels of fitness (or your individual energy on the day).  Truly, I can’t imagine a better way to get fit: motivated by a skilled, experienced, and incredible woman, surrounded by the outdoor beauty of the South Downs, and in the company of great people.  I can’t recommend Maria and Lewes Outdoor Fitness highly enough.”  Kerry P 

“I’ve attended Maria’s classes for a few years and love both the classes and her approach to exercise.  Maria pushes you so that you become increasingly fit, but she also encourages you to work at your own pace, particularly if you’re tired and not feeling 100%.  Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and I always feel motivated to attend sessions, whatever the weather and season.   I feel that I am the fittest I’ve ever been but I‘m continuously improving my level of fitness because of the challenges she sets in the class.  I would recommend her class to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness at whatever level.  Pamela K

“Maria’s class has changed my life. She’s the best sort of teacher – her enthusiasm is infectious and the class is about us, not her.  It’s fun, convivial and makes me fit. Being outside whatever the weather is empowering – if you can exercise in the rain for an hour, and enjoy it, you can do anything.  I’ve met lots of great people whose paths I would never otherwise have crossed. Body and spirit nourished – what more to ask?” Rachel C

“I spend plenty of my time raving about the virtues of outdoor fitness to all who’ll listen (sad but true), but actually translating how good it is into written words is a real challenge. Outdoor fitness with Maria has transformed my attitude to fitness! Maria has created something really special and unique. The group was so welcoming from day 1 and although the abilities of the group are always varied, Maria provides an environment that encourages all that take part to realise their targets and potential. I used to dread exercise but now positively look forward to her classes AND have just signed up for a marathon. I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this without Maria’s unwavering support and encouragement. I only wish she’d come on holiday with me as I will miss her! Fitness holidays in the sun anyone……?” Charlotte L 

“Maria’s workouts are challenging, friendly and fun.   I always feel I’ve worked hard at the end of them and that’s satisfying.  Maria is very professional and she keeps the classes small enough that she can pay attention to individual needs.    My work is quite solitary and I find exercising outdoors in a friendly class (and often in front of beautiful views!) very uplifting. My fitness has really improved since I’ve started going to Maria’s classes but the main reason I go to them is because they make me feel happy.” Lorna 

“Maria has been an inspiration to me; her encouragement and enthusiasm have helped me to achieve personal fitness goals. Her exercise classes are friendly and fun and there is always a good deal of laughter to accompany the inevitable exertion. Exercising outside is a truly invigorating experience and I highly recommend her classes.” Miranda C

“Maria is a true inspiration and a true professional. She is attentive and engages everyone in the best way possible. She understands how to get the best out of each person and achieves incredible results, consistently. I have never been able to stick at anything but Maria has helped me to change that. I have been training with her for over two years and can’t ever see myself stopping. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.” Catherine H

“I’ve regularly attended Maria’s exercise classes for two years and am now two and a half stone lighter.  And never yet been bored.
 She provides an encouraging, never intimidating, atmosphere.
 Everyone works hard and whatever your ability there are always alternatives offered – you can chart your progress as you get fitter and stronger.
 I cannot emphasise enough the benefits of exercising outdoors, especially in beautiful Lewes.  I would never go back to the gym.” Kathy 

“After my son was born I never thought I would be fit again or have any degree of body confidence.  Having worked with Maria, I have exceeded all of my goals – including running the Hastings half marathon in a respectable time and preparing for my first marathon. I am fitter and more confident than I was before my son was born.  Recently I was in a gym on holiday when one of the trainers asked how I got such toned arms.  My answer was simply “Maria.” Martha W

“I have always hated exercise classes but was dragged reluctantly by a friend to one of Maria’s, swearing I’d never go again. But I loved it and haven’t looked back. 
Maria’s classes are challenging, creative, sociable, fun and I love being outside with her, whatever the weather. Maria really knows her stuff and she keeps an eye out for everyone in the class. I’m much fitter as a result of her classes and though she pushes me she is also beautifully sensitive when I am fragile.”  Vicky L

“It took my friend about a year to persuade me to join Maria’s fitness class as I thought it would be too hard for me.  Eventually I plucked up the courage and haven’t looked back!  Maria is very lovely and friendly. I find her motivating and has tweaked some exercises to meet my needs.  Often I arrive at class feeling tired from a day’s work or from just looking after the children only to leave her an hour later feeling on top of the world.  Boot camp is fun and good for the soul and it’s great to be outdoors whatever the weather!” Lesley O

“Exercising outdoors in the most beautiful settings, Maria’s class is like no fitness class I’ve done before and undoubtedly the best.  I keep going . Its addictive! Not a great one for exercise classes normally, its really surprised me and I feel fitter and look more toned than in years “ Emma W

“I first met Maria when she did a fitness class at the Leisure Centre and really loved the class and the way Maria always adapted it to suit all abilities and offering a range of options to suit individual needs. When she decided to stop taking the class I decided to try her outdoor fitness classes. Although I’ve only just started I am really enjoying them and am motivated to turn up each week.  I really like the way Maria constantly changes the format of the class, is always monitoring everyone to check that they are doing it correctly and encourages you to push yourself. Maria is always genuinely interested in each individual and adapts each exercise to individual needs.  Her exercise classes are fun, get you fit and go quickly!!”  Rebecca C